Architecturally designed by the creative Arquero Architects, this three level mirror designed duplex showcases major key features such as an eye-catching façade, carefully constructed staircase of glass, timber, and metal, and on-trend kitchen with the most up to date materials on the market.


As for the stone feature wall, this masterpiece was patiently pieced together by our specialist trade. What we love about this build is the change in character from day to night, with a focus on lighting to bring out its luxurious mood from dusk.  Napier allowed the enjoyment of water views from the third level whilst the living spaces on the ground floor are open and light-filled as a result of the extra high ceilings.


The fulfillment from completing such a complex build has pushed our team to grow and become even more knowledgeable in the industry of luxury homes. With our clients in awe of the finished product, we have already planned to work on future projects together, as well as continuing the collaboration with Arquero on more unique builds, showcasing our diversity and skillset.